Ways to Help

Flight Volunteer

Faith Animal Rescue depends heavily on flight volunteers. All rescued dogs fly out from Incheon Airport to the US. It only requires 30 minutes of your time to give a new life to a suffering animal. We take care of all the legal paper work! If you are planning a flight from Korea, please email us at



Fostering is a crucial component of our work. Most of our rescued dogs come from dog meat factories. They live in outdoor cages without any protection from harsh weather. Our rescuers place temporary tents over the cages within disputed farms to protect the abused dogs from cold weather while fighting to take legal ownership. Fostering efforts provide an appropriate environment for these animals as they await placement with a loving family.



Faith Animal Rescue operates solely from member donations of time and funds. Our adoption fee largely goes to cover vaccination, spay fee, and cargo expenses. Flight volunteers pay their own airfare. Any incurred profit goes toward rescue activities, support sanctuaries, and Faith House for Handicapped People in Choong-book, a rural area in Korea. We are not a group that focuses on generating profit, but on liberating lives under oppression. We post all our monetary transactions for full public transparency. If you are interested becoming part of our rescue efforts, please email us at