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Faith Canine Rescue

Bringing at-risk dogs across the Pacific to loving stateside families.

Our Story & Mission

Faith Animal Rescue unites volunteers in both South Korea and the United States to rescue imprisoned dogs from meat factories and high-kill shelters in Korea.

We want loving families for these vibrant sentient animals. 

Rescue efforts began when early group members sponsored and fostered Hat-Ban, a beautiful Jindo made paraplegic from a car accident. After successfully placing Hat-Ban in a caring home, we teamed with private groups and independent rescuers to help other handicapped dogs along with their four-legged counterparts.

In expanding our search for adoption leads, we’ve broadened our mission: To bring at-risk dogs across the Pacific to loving stateside families.

We assist private rescuers and small activist groups in Korea to find the best adoption opportunities for each dog we rescue. We rescue large and small dogs of all breeds, including dogs with special needs. We’re currently asserting our opposition of “Gye-Yang-San,” an illegal dog meat farm where 230 large-breed dogs were known to be housed in a single small cage. 

40 of these farmed dogs have thankfully been saved, but 190 remain confined to their cage awaiting rescue. Due to limited demand for large-breed dogs in Korea, arranging for local adoption has proven almost impossible. Instead, we seek to bring these persecuted dogs to the United States where dogs have a higher chance for adoption and survival. 


Team Faith

Committed to the Cause



Foster Coordinator


Jason Tae

Director of Administration

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Brooke Cowen

PR Manager


Jenn Tae

Adoption Coordinator


Natalie Renault

Event Coordinator


Catherine Pyo

Adoption Coordinator


Dong Hoon

Volunteer Coordinator


Jae Chung

Rescue Coordinator